Hard-working informal sector workers, entrepreneurs and businesses were hit by the covid-19 crisis and lockdowns. They required working capital to aid their recovery but they:

  • Lost means to income
  • Lost savings
  • Can’t avail formal credit due to lacking financial footprint

Started as a response to the COVID-19 induced livelihood crisis, REVIVE aims to aid economic recovery of the informal sector. Due to the recurrent nature of the pandemic, REVIVE has evolved to include additional support interventions that build the resilience of beneficiaries to enable comprehensive growth despite any future crisis.

Since October 2021, REVIVE has reached the families and communities of over 84,000 individuals, and is on its way to positively impacting 200,000 deserving individuals

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 Announcements & Articles

24 August 2021

Why We Need To Talk About Nano-Entrepreneurs In India

Informal workers and nano-entrepreneurs form the backbone of India’s economy. Yet, they seldom make an appearance in discussions about economic recovery and growth. Who are nano-entrepreneurs and how do we help them prosper?


24 August 2021

REVIVE Alliance Among 34 Initiatives Worldwide to Receive Support from Google.org Impact Challenge

The Google.org funding will strengthen the efforts Samhita-CGF launched in October 2020 via the REVIVE Alliance, one of the largest private…


24 August 2021

Tracing the trajectory of COVID-hit digital India

The COVID-19 crisis has affected livelihoods and brought income shocks to the working classes. This shock has been accompanied by an unanticipated shift to the digital mode and accelerated digitization in the country.