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REVIVE Alliance, is a USD $20million blended finance facility and livelihood accelerator to help informal workers and micro-entrepreneurs recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and thrive. In collaboration with companies, foundations and social organizations, REVIVE identifies deserving informal sector workers and micro-entrepreneurs who have been affected by the pandemic, and provides holistic support to aid their recovery, build their resilience and invest in their long-term growth.

Through a continuum of support, including philanthropic loans, financial and digital inclusion, social security access, skilling and market linkages, REVIVE has been able to positively impact the families and communities of over 173,000 individuals since October 2020, and is on its way to reach 10 million workers and micro-entrepreneurs


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Blended Finance

Building Blended Finance in India

While blended finance has the potential to accelerate development in India, there are bottlenecks holding back its potential.

Featured Initiative

A Better Normal for India’s Working Women and Entrepreneurs

Women@Work is a coalition to drive economic recovery and resilience of low-income women workers and micro entrepreneurs, to help them thrive.

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 Partner Testimonials

“Through Samhita’s REVIVE programme, we introduced our entrepreneurs to revolving, zero interest loans – this has a two-fold impact: one is immediate by providing them access to funds to revive their business; and second is longer term to build a habit of loan repayment and the confidence to take loans and grow their business. Our learning from the REVIVE fund will help pave the way for scaling up our entrepreneurship/livelihood programmes and making them more impactful. We truly appreciate Samhita for bringing value to the partnership beyond the project.”

Sagarika Bose
General Manager - Sustainability (Good & Green)

Godrej Consumer Products Limited

“As a grassroots implementing organization the need to be there for our beneficiaires during challenging times is of high-priority. And when platforms like REVIVE come forward to extend support, the facilitation and operations become very seamless. We had offered this opportunity to farmers in Ambujanagar, but have been able to expand it to farmers in Chandrapur as well. Through this returnable grant opportunity – a cohort of 100 small and marginal farmers were able to sustain themselves in spite of being affected by COVID-19 and have been able to achieve 100% recovery as committed.”

Pearl Tiwari
Director and CEO

Ambuja Cement Foundation

“The REVIVE Alliance and the returnable grant is helping small entrepreneurs overcome financial hurdles and obtain digital management solutions. Samhita-CGF with its experience & expertise in developing sustainable ecosystems has helped us to understand the situation of small retailers and guide us in our interventions. This in turn allowed us to build more suitable solutions & create impact at scale.”

Prem Kumar
Founder & CEO

SnapBizz Cloudtech


1. Access to Capital

REVIVE provides access to timely and affordable capital to aid livelihood recovery and income generation for salaried workers, self-employed individuals and micro-enterprises whose livelihoods or businesses were impacted by the pandemic and consequent lockdown. REVIVE gives them access to a continuum of capital, by leveraging various blended finance models, to enable holistic revival.

Returnable Grants are instruments that provide short-term affordable and flexible capital (at 0% interest) to individuals and entrepreneurs, who have only a moral obligation to repay. The returned funds are disbursed to other eligible workers and entrepreneurs, creating more impact per rupee spent – an impact multiplier of 4-7x per grant.

REVIVE has customized its program model for different cohorts, allowing it to meet the precise needs of crisis-hit communities. Pay for Performance (Plain Grant) is used to incentivize better repayment by providing a small direct grant to the borrower after evidence of successful utilisation of initial capital.

2 . Skilling

REVIVE provides skilling support to unemployed and retrenched workers in securing alternate jobs through ethical and responsible sourcing within the industry or outside where demand for labour is higher. With capacity building support to develop the necessary skills, these affected workers can be placed in new income generating roles.

3 . Access to Social Security Schemes

REVIVE aims to ramp up not just recovery, but also resilience and growth. The focus is on crafting an integrated recovery response. REVIVE will be layering on social protection to increase the resilience of the cohorts over the long term.

4 . Digitisation

REVIVE is facilitating access to digital tools and solutions to enhance business improvement, access to finance, compliance, better connect to customers, suppliers and brands.

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Kirana Stores

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